Composite Materials Congress

The 26th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress (AMC) aims to create an interdisciplinary worldwide forum on the Composite Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. The congress theme, "Recent Advancements in Composites Materials’ Research and Innovations: Breakthrough to Excellence". AMC offers the opportunities for a truly global networking with the leading researchers, young scientists, and students at a gigantic scale.


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January 2019

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January 2019

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January 2019

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Opportunities for Truly Global Networking

5000+ delegates from over 100 countries in the past congress assemblies strengthen the objective, Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence. The illusion of “Knowledge Experience at Sea” ensure the maximum interaction and most vibrant discussion to place the leading academicians, researchers, young scientists, students and business giants on the board in a single vessel.

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Advancements in Composites Materials’ Research and Innovations: Breakthrough to Excellence

  • Chemical Structure, Interfaces and Interphases, Sol-gel Process, Grafting (chemical), Atomic Layer Deposition, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Materials Testing, 3D Printing, Structural, Mechanical, Chemical, Physical, Surface Properties of Composites
  • Organic Material Composites, Inorganic Material Composites, Supramolecular Organic Materials, Organogel, Organic Xerogel, Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Composites, Metal−Organic Frameworks
  • Naturally Derived Composites, Wood-Based Composites, Green Composites, Bio-catalyst, Biomaterials, Biodegradable Materials, Natural Fibre Composites
  • Nanoparticles, Nanoclusters, Nanostructured Materials- Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene and 2D Materials composites, Metal Nanoparticles, Nanocomposite Films, Composite Films, Nanocrystals, Nanofibers, Nano Clays, Nanogel, Spinel Nanostructure
  • Inorganic polymers, Organic polymers, Geopolymers, Conducting Polymers, Cellulose, Chitosan, Natural polymers, Polymer composites, Membranes, Polymer Matrix Composites, Hydrogel
  • Ceramic Based Composites, Ceramic Matrix Composites, Silicon Carbide, Fly Ash Composites, Alumina, Glass Fibres composites, Ceramic Fibers, Metal Matrix composites, Laminated Composites
  • Concretes, Building Materials, Composite/concrete Beams and Girders, Cements, Concrete Slabs, Composite Micromechanics, Masonry Materials, Steel, Steel Fibres
  • Composites structures design, Sandwich and foam Structures, Multi-scale Mechanics of Advanced Composites, Modelling and Simulation, Lightweight Structures, Microstructure design in Composites, Multiscale Modeling
  • Metal Forming, Synthetic Metals, Plastic Deformation, Alloy Steel, Powder Metals and Steel, Binary and Ternary Alloys, Dental Alloys, Metallic Compounds, Liquid Metals, Light Metals, Materials Testing, Metal Casting, Strengthening and Metal Recovery
  • Next-generation Composites Materials, Composite Materials Engineering, Textile Composites, Renewable Energy, Industrial Applications